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Zhejiang Weihai Plexiglass Acrylic Products Co., Ltd. Japan and Taiwan imported production equipment , professional production of high-grade acrylic plexiglass products, mainly all kinds of acrylic products , display cabinets, acrylic socks, feet and other various types of products. Zhejiang Province is the only one strong acrylic plexiglass manufacturers. Products are exported to Japan, USA, Singapore, Middle East , Australia and other countries and regions in the domestic market enjoyed a certain reputation.

   The company " quality Shou contract re- credit" principle of service, to keep the product high quality new products to market. In line with market trends and the growing needs of the community , committed to reform and innovation, product quality is more a result of perfection in order to achieve best really , to do good , to make America 's realm.

   We are willing to meet the special requirements of our customers , design a unique product , to achieve the perfect showcase your product purposes.

Our main products are: penholder, jewelry display , lipstick holder , lip gloss holder, information stands, pencil holder, cigarette holder, wine rack , purse rack, shoe rack , table cards, table cards , house , acrylic tables, chairs and other types of display rack .

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